Fundraising For Rome

I have reached my fundraising goal! Thank you to everyone who donated!

My mission work with YASC cannot happen without such great support from such amazing people.

Didn't get a chance to donate? No worries! You can still donate toward other YASCers preparing to head out this fall. Please contact me to find out how!

I will be doing a second year of YASC in a new placement in Rome, Italy with St. Paul's within the Walls American Episcopal Church. To do this, I need to raise the funds for an additional YASC year. The cost of this year is $8000. Learn more at this blog post.

A donation of any size is a huge help!

  • A donation of $25 sponsors one day
  • A donation of $175 sponsors one week
  • A donation of $700 sponsors one month

Donations can be made tax deductible upon request!

How To Donate

Due to some tax issues, Paypal is no longer an option to donate to my YASC year. You can still donate with a check. Please contact me at if you would like to donate toward my fundraising goal! Don't forget that donations can be made tax deductible!

1 comment:

  1. Eight thousand dollars is an impressive figure! I hope you were able to achieve or top that. That was noble of you to help out the war refugees through charity. I wish you good luck on your future endeavors as a volunteer and a fundraiser. All the best!

    Norman Watkins @ eBay Giving Works