Monday, September 3, 2012

Cape Town

Greetings from Cape Town! I arrived in South Africa safely on tuesday night and was met by the lovely HOPE Africa team. The greeting was warm and inviting! Although the flight was long, the time passed quickly. Luckily, the flight was not full so I had plenty of space to stretch out.
During my time here in Cape Town, I have been living with the family of one of the HOPE Africa team, Mpho. She and her family have graciously accepted me into their house for the week. I've spent my time divided between the HOPE Africa office and Mpho's home. My time at the office has been spent learning more about what HOPE Africa does and what I will be doing in my placement in Lesotho. I will be headed out to Lesotho on friday with Delene, the CEO of HOPE Africa.
Cape Town is absolutely gorgeous! We have been driving around and looking at all of the breathtaking bays and getting acquainted with the city. Its been a little chilly, but spring has just begun. They say it will be full summer weather by October. My time in Cape Town has been wonderful and I am looking forward to getting to my permanent placement in Lesotho!

Camps Bay

Mpho and Tskani

A Cape Town sunset

A photo from my Aunt Claire at the airport

My workstation

The HOPE Africa office

HOPE Africa 

The South African Flag

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  1. So good to hear from you! Cape Town is beautiful. Please tell Mpho and her family thank you for taking care of you for me. Now-what are you eating?
    Love you!